Aurore  is  French an actress, musician and dancer inspired by many kind of arts. Since a very early age, she has been learning and practicing music, classical and jazz, dance, classical and contemporary and theater. As she was growing up, it was clear she was meant to spread art and culture. She loves to create multidisciplinary shows and work with the audience, especially teenagers.

She started her professional formation at 15, at the conservatoire of Annecy with Frank Berthier. She first was studying in a cinema school in Lyon and then she went to Paris, at the theater school "Le Studio théâtre d'Asnières" where she was assistant of Jean Louis Martin Barbaz on Great Peace by Edward Bond.

Aurore likes mixing different worlds. In 2007, she created La Compagnie du Balcon, a theater and music company. In this company, she directed The Balcony by Jean Genet (with the musicians Guillaume Perret and Johan Blanc), she told The snow queen and read Colette with the musician Alice Perret, and created The feast of Babel Three tales from different lands or How world, death and love are born? with the musicians Bastien Nouri et Nicolas Blanc.

Aurore also works with others theater companies (104 bis, Vol de l'hirondelle...), with musicians (Arke trio...), with choreographers and with several movie directors (Etienne Chatiliez, Pierre Gaffier...)

Aurore loves traveling and meeting people all around the world. In 2011, she worked in a Taiwanese production "L'eau dessus dessous company" in the creation of The beauty sleep by Chia Jung Chang. This french and Chinese play was performing at the  Hwa Shan  art center in Taipei.

In 2013, she directed The Soul a A , a show with theater, music and dance. For this play, she collaborated with the choreographer Fanny Marmouset and the musician Joseph Escribe. The next year, she created a ballet from the 30’s, The Kitchen Review by Martinu, with a septet and 10 actors dancers on stage.

Aurore has been working on several shows each seasons ever since, you can learn more about it here. She also has been working on many projects with the audience, especially teenagers, to help them understanding more about performing arts, emotions, imagination and the part that the audience has to embrace while watching a performance.

Currently, Aurore is still coordinationg the theater section of the Performing Arts School «EMDT of Cluses» (France) and she is on stage with the musician Yohan Jacquier for Mermaid, creation 2017 of La Compagnie du Balcon, supported by Haute-Savoie Le Département and The Township of Cluses.

During the summer of 2017, Aurore experienced a new adventure working with Tatiana Barrero, a colombian actress, on an experimental performance Just about us . A short piece which was presented early september at the Gibney Dance Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center of New York City.

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